Monday, December 21, 2009

Brand New Kitchen Gets Made Over

The homeowner felt content that this beautiful new kitchen would sell her home. She just had it redone, replacing the dated 1960's kitchen with intent of getting the most money for her home. However overdecorating, combined with the everyday clutter of family life made it hard for buyers to "fall in love" with this home. Home staging expert Chris Schneider knows that there is a psychology that goes into buying a home. People have to be able to "see themselves" living in this home. "Home Staging creates the illusion of a lifestyle that potential buyers are looking for. Buyers will decide in a few moments if they are interested in a house, first impressions are so important. It's easy for homeowners to look past all the everyday clutter that is so distracting to buyers, that's where a good stager comes in. With a critical and well trained eye they can easily assess the focal point of a room, remove clutter, downplay flaws, add style, and bring out the best in any home." says Chris.

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