Monday, December 21, 2009

Brand New Kitchen Gets Made Over

The homeowner felt content that this beautiful new kitchen would sell her home. She just had it redone, replacing the dated 1960's kitchen with intent of getting the most money for her home. However overdecorating, combined with the everyday clutter of family life made it hard for buyers to "fall in love" with this home. Home staging expert Chris Schneider knows that there is a psychology that goes into buying a home. People have to be able to "see themselves" living in this home. "Home Staging creates the illusion of a lifestyle that potential buyers are looking for. Buyers will decide in a few moments if they are interested in a house, first impressions are so important. It's easy for homeowners to look past all the everyday clutter that is so distracting to buyers, that's where a good stager comes in. With a critical and well trained eye they can easily assess the focal point of a room, remove clutter, downplay flaws, add style, and bring out the best in any home." says Chris.

December Staging News Vol I # 12

Why Hire a Professional Home Stager?

There are lots of simple things homeowners can do on their own to decorate their homes to sell. They can get rid of clutter, repaint, clean or put out fresh flowers. So why hire a home stager?

Many homeowners are unsure of what paint colors to choose or where to move the clutter. The process of selling a home can be completely overwhelming. They often lack real estate knowledge about their local markets and how homes in their price range should look.

A home stager has the ability to look at a home with a fresh pair of eyes. They view the home as a highly critical buyer would see it. Home staging expert Debra Gould provides five examples of how a professional home stager can benefit you:

1. A home stager knows what’s needed to create the right environment quickly and at the lowest cost.

2. A home stager knows what homes in different price ranges look like and what’s selling. They will give homeowners suggestions that their real estate agent may be afraid to offer because the agent does not want to risk losing the listing.

3. A home stager is not emotionally attached to any of the home’s contents, which means that they can see the home in a way that someone who has been living there for years simply cannot. Using their fresh vision, they recommend the optimal way to rearrange existing furniture, art and accessories.

4. A home stager can quickly choose new paint colors, flooring, tiles, countertops or any number of finishes. They have a ready source of painters, cleaners, handymen, off-site storage and a myriad of other services that may be needed on short notice.

5. A home stager can bring in replacement furniture, accessories and art if what is there isn’t appropriate for the home’s target market or the home is empty.

Home staging is not just for multimillion dollar homes. Even for modest homes, staging can have a dramatic effect on the selling price and the number of days spent on the market. For example, one of the homes Gould staged had previously been on the market for months with the best offer being $350,000. She spent 90 minutes with the owner rearranging the furniture, putting items in storage and telling him what needed to be cleaned. He sold the house the following week for $361,000!

How many other (legal) ways can you think of to invest $600 and get an $11,000 return on your investment the following week?

Internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould is president of Six Elements and creator of the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program. Gould has staged hundreds of homes and uses her expertise to train others worldwide. Visit her at and
Written by internationally recognized home staging expert Debra Gould, The Staging Diva®, © 2008–2009, Six Elements Inc. Used with permission.

Hidden fireplace sells condo after staging!

The open floor plan of this condo was confusing for the homeowner to decorate, and a beautiful, working, wood-burning fireplace was hidden by houseplants and family photos. After staging this formal living room had a purpose, and a focal point! The over-sized television was stored off site, houseplants were pared down, family photos packed away to avoid distraction, and the sofa turned to face the fireplace which now was the first thing buyers see when entering this home. Matching throw pillows were brought in and the bookshelves were merchandised for maximum impact. Color changes and wallpaper removal were recommended to the homeowner, and in a few short weeks they were heading off to their new home in Florida!

Crowded Dining Room Makeover

This Small dining room held 3 china cabinets as well as 2 small tables and all the homeowners cherished family portraits. By removing two of the china cabinets, replacing family portraits with other art the homeowner already had, and relocating to another room one of the small tables this room was now free of distraction, and clutter allowing buyers to envision their own holidays and dinner parties in this home. The remaining china cabinet was pared down, and merchandised to best display some lovely pieces.