What is Home Staging?

What is Home Staging?

Simply put Home Staging is the art of decorating a home to sell more quickly and for more money than the competition. Home staging is often the recommendation of furniture placement, wall colors, de-cluttering, and repairs.  As an Expert Home Stager, Chris uses her artistic instinct for color and composition, to highlight the best features of a home while downplaying any of it's flaws. Home Staging often makes use of items already in the home, but can also be sourcing and arranging furniture, art, and accessories to create a total look for a vacant property. Most frequently Home Staging projects fall somewhere between these desciptions.

Why Does Home Staging work?

Home Staging works because it "sets the stage" for potential buyers to fall in love with a property. People shop with logic, but buy on emotion.  Most people think buyers can look past ugly decor and clutter, or imagine their things fitting into this home ...but they can't! Home Staging eliminates all distractions so a buyer can "see themselves" living in this home. By neutralizing decor, Home Staging makes a property appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.

Home Staging in real life vs. Home Staging on TV

Television has given great awareness to the importance of Home Staging in today's Real Estate Market, however many of the shows on TV can be misleading. You should not expect a crew of tradesmen to come in to your home and remove walls, build custom furniture, repaint, install new floors and furniture all for under $1000. Home Staging makes the best use of what is there, to accentuate your homes best features. Home Staging is for everyone! Any property benefits greatly by Home Staging, not just hi-rise lofts in trendy downtown urban neighborhoods.

Do I need a Home Stager?

Many people think they can do their own Home Staging, but the truth is even a home that "shows well" can benefit from a professional Home Stager. It is hard for a homeowner to be objective about their decor, to see past clutter, and prioritize repairs. Often a homeowner will de-personalize and de-clutter to the extreme that the home now lacks style and warmth. As a professional Home Stager, Chris brings a balance of style and function to each room of your home.